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Tools to analyse MS spectra


The "Glyco-Peakfinder" is a tool for fast annotation of glycan MS spectra. MS-profiles, MSn spectra with different types of ions (glycosidic cleavages and/or cross-ring cleavages) can be calculated in parallel. The option of detecting differently- and/or multiply-charged ions in one calculation cycle provides a fast and complete annotation of the whole spectrum. All the additional options of "Glyco-Peakfinder" (e.g. calculation of modifications either at the reducing end or within the sequence ) increase the field of application from native glycans to a variable set of glycoconjugates. The results from "Glyco-Peakfinder" can be used for advanced database search in



GlycoWorkbench is a suite of software tools designed for rapid drawing of glycan structures and for assisting the process of structure determination from mass spectrometry data. The graphical interface of GlycoWorkbench provides an environment in which structure models can be rapidly assembled, their mass computed, their fragments automatically matched with MSn data and the results compared to assess the best candidate.

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